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Lore OlymPOD

Feb 24, 2020

Father Hades teaches all of us how to drive in this episode covering comics #9 and #10. 

Feb 17, 2020

Lore OlymPOD is coming in hot with this episode covering comic chapters 7 & 8. Discussing the weird and beautiful things Hades and Persephone resemble, our other favorite hot cartoons, and how much of a good special boy Cerberus is (hint: VERY special and VERY good).

The audio is kind of weird in this one and we don't...

Feb 10, 2020

Discussing comic episodes 5 & 6, including how petty Aphrodite is (but also how much she can work a crop top); how Hades is anything but a narc; and how jealous we are that gods and goddesses evidently don't get hangovers.

The super awesome candles we discuss are by Book and Reverie, and you can find their Etsy page...

Feb 3, 2020

Covering comic episodes 3 & 4 of Lore Olympus, including discussions of sexy wombats, evil magicians, the perfect basic bitch, and everything we did wrong in our first episode!


P.S. Theme music by Erin's boyfriend Sam. He has other things here.