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Lore OlymPOD

Mar 29, 2021

We are HERE for this Artemis arc in LO chapters 117 & 118 featuring:

  • Artemis proving that she is EXACTLY the type of friend you want if you go missing
  • Psyche/Ampelus' hair looking INCREDIBLE
  • Speculation about Ares' non-toxic masculinity vibe

Mar 22, 2021

We're back!!!! We are beyond excited to start covering season 2 of Lore Olympus, starting with the season 1 recap and chapter 116, including:

  • wise advice from Hermes
  • a complete 180 on our feelings about Demeter
  • so much hype!!!

Mar 14, 2021

Coming at you from our Patreon, it's our reactions to Lore Olympus Chapter 148, which was just published! We do a reaction to the new chapter every week on our Patreon, but we wanted to give you all a little bonus content while we're on our break. (And if you love this, check out the Patreon!!) We'll be back with...

Mar 1, 2021

IT'S HERE. The big bad season 1 finale we've all been waiting for. We're losing our minds as we cover chapter 115 of Lore Olympus, including:

  • Demeter being an incredibly realistic depiction of a mom who just doesn't get it
  • Persephone making a very scary ginger bread house
  • Cinnamon roll, are you okay?